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Resident Evil VII: Why Does It Look All Wrong

Watch the trailer..tell me that doesn't look like Silent Hill to you.

I have been reading reviews and after watching this I am ready to call Houston now. Houston, Mayday, Mayday WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

I don't see anybody I know, there is no sign of Chris, Jill, Claire or Leon.. Hell you can give me Barry or Tofu I won't complain but give me someone I know. I don't even see zombies for crying out loud. What did you do to them, replace them with ghost?

It took years for Capcom to build the Resident Evil Franchise we loved so much. Everybody has a favorite Resident Evil. Me particularly 1 and 2, If I remember correctly Jepoy loves 3, and JM loves 4. I know 6 was bad but you don't reset everything because of one bad game.
Honestly, looking at the gameplay reminds me so much of Silent Hill.

The wonderful thing about Resident Evil for me was how the protagonist grew with you. Chris, Jill, Claire, and Leon all started out as unsure heroes well maybe not Chris, he was already bad ass. They have all become so dependable over the years and I am proud to say that some of my most memorable moments are Resident Evil related. 

I hate the quick time events but I still played Resident Evil because I LOVE THE CHARACTERS. You could have done anything with the game but why did you remove all the characters. 

Umbrella will always be my Resident Evil Villain not some crappy haunted house.

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