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OMG! Pokemon GO Bots! Hacks! Cheats! / Registeel
This just in. It seems becoming the very best just got easier. For the past week there has been repeated reports of several hacks,cheats, and bots to make playing Pokemon GO simpler.

One of the more famous hacks gives the player the ability to reveal all the hidden Pokemon's in their vicinity.

pokemon go / map hack
With this tool, Pokemon Go players can avoid useless wandering and pinpoint where they need to go to get the rare Pokemon.

Cheats include basic stuff you can do to lessen the walking like putting your cellphone on a moving machine. This has proven to be more funny than effective.

Lastly, bots are already becoming prevalent. You don't even need to play Pokemon GO anymore since a bot can play for you. Three popular bots in the forums are Necrobot, Pokébuddy, and MyGoBot,

MyGoBot is charging $4.99 for its bot following a three hour free trial.

Bots can eventually trade duplicate Pokémon in future updates, collect more Pokéballs when passing Pokéstops, incubate and hatch eggs, evolve Pokémon, and even pick which Pokémon to catch and which to ignore. As early as now if this does not go checked this can ruin the game for everyone.

ragnarok / botting
This scenario reminded me very much of Ragnarok wherein the botting eventually lead to the downfall of the game.

[post_ad]If the botting continues, the Pokemon Go community will be severely affected. A player who does not bot is limited by time and physical constraints, and wouldn't stand a chance against the Pokémon Go bot user. Bot players would also have a huge advantage in trying to take over any nearby gym or defending them.

pikachu / photobucket
Due to the immense popularity of Pokémon Go, the cheating surely will get more innovative and worse. I'm an online player, I've seen it happen a lot of times before.

Hopefully, Niantic can do something about it.

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