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Phoenix Down - Welcome Back to GameOPS!

It was a dark and stormy night (it always is). The tunnel was bright at the end, it felt warm the closer I get. I looked back at life and all GameOPS has accomplished. The accolades, the friendships, the international fanfare, the downfall, and all the disappointments.

Do we really want to do this again? It was a crossroad of sorts, over the years our friends have dwindled one by one, life takes over. The excuse of no free time and real life worries were very clear. GameOPS, our Peter Pan, our Hobbs will have to be set aside.

A part of us died that day. GameOPS, started as an idea, with 2 high school boys who had too much free time. Our goal was to create a website that can compete with GameFAQs. A lofty dream back then, a funny one now. Life went on, several times we tried to revive the dream but ultimately failed. GameOPS, was dead. So why am I still writing this? We failed, we lost. It’s over.

Well, it seems that the idea of GameOPS is not totally gone. If you have read an old book named “Eaters of the Dead” by Michael Crichton, there is a quote there from the leader named Buliwyf “A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to draw the story of his deeds, that they may be remembered.” I really don’t understand what he said but it sounded cool so I wrote it down.

GameOPS, is not just a website for us. It is a chronicle of all that we are, an eternal passion, a dream that will not die. Where am I taking you? We will revive GameOPS once more.

I have forgotten how to write, my ideas are confusing. Can we still do this? You are about to find out dear reader. So I write to tell you, enjoy. Watch out struggles as we grip our dreams. We hold unto them with shaking hands but we hold on to them all the same.

Welcome back to GameOPS

Changes, we have quite a few. Starting with our new logo. The logo signifies change. As we evolve our logo evolves with us.

We also have a new Instagram account. Our Facebook and Twitter have been updated and we promise to be more active. I for one am excited to share with you our newly minted GameOPS Gaming Hugot.

The GameOPS Forum is no more as Globe Telecom redesigned their Message Board and no longer carries our GameOPS Tech and Games sub-forum. But we do have several Facebook support groups with thousands of members you can join:
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Philippines 
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Philippines 
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Philippines 
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Philippines 
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Philippines 
  6. Buy and Sell 
  7. Apple Users Philippines 
  8. iPhone 6 and Plus Philippines
  9. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Philippines
I welcome our new contributors Shabby, Nickle, Beatriz, Aja, Ice, and Rain... more contributors will be announced shortly. We have surprises in store in the coming days.

Hello to my old comrades JM, Euri, Mia, Rochelle, and Mike.

The GameOPS Staff during the great 2007 comeback

Welcome back GameOPS pioneers Jepoy, Dian, Mark, Glen, and Siopao. You guys have been with GameOPS since year 2000. Ang ganda ng group picture natin noong 2007... 

As part of re-launch, our Featured Gamer section has been renamed to GameOPS P.O.I. or Person Of Interest to accommodate non-gamers. We also added a Lifestyle and Hobbies section as sign of our evolution beyond gaming. Do not fret, we are still gamers. We just became gamers with other hobbies =)

The DISQUS comment system is having problems and some comments dating back to 2007 are missing... but we are working on it. Well Jepoy is... good luck with that.

Lastly like I said earlier. We want you to enjoy the fruits of our labor. There's a ton of new content. I wish we could have included Maria Ozawa on our launch but she isn't answering. Jepoy tried to contact her on all possible ways. From Snapchat, to Google Hangouts, Twitter, and even her Japanese blog. She has always been an important part of GameOPS launches. Well, maybe next time.

Welcome back, GameOPS!

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