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The Best Overwatch Ripoff Comes from (You Guessed It) China

TheLazyPeon from You tube posted a video of this blatant Overwatch ripoff named The Legend of Titan. As you can see from the footage it don't get no lamer than that xD

Overwatch is an incredibly successful Hero Shooter that was released by Blizzard Entertainment/Activision this year, As with any successful emerging genre though you have scumbag developers trying to make Shameless copys of the original to sell on as their own, Introducing The Legend Of Titan, probably the Worst most Shameless and Blatant Copy of a game you'll ever see, This Rip-Off is a mobile game currently in development in China by a developer called 265G, To all the people who call Paladins an Overwatch Clone you haven't seen nothing yet...
As much as you may think this Overwatch clone will be shut down imminently we've seen time and time again that Chinese Mobile game devs get away with this because the law in China is different to over in the west and almost always side with the Chinese side, Let me know your thoughts on this Scumbag Overwatch Clone in the comments below! 

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