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What The Gaming Industry Should Be Doing To Our Favorite Videogame Characters

Let's face it, the videogame industry is a mess. Sales are getting lower and lower and Android games continue to dominate since most are free. If they don't do anything fast we might be looking at the downfall of our beloved gaming industry. So here are few suggestions to inject much needed excitement into our favorite characters and their franchise.

Situation: The good thing about Mario is how versatile he is. I've enjoyed a Mario racing game, a Mario group game, and a Mario RPG game.

Yes, Mario RPG was actually good.

So why not create another? You can debate that Paper Mario was Super Mario RPG 2 but personally it felt different.

Solution: C'mon guys give Super Mario RPG 2 a chance.

Situation: Devil May Cry was a runaway blockbuster. Everybody felt that Dante was the next big thing so why did all the sequels suddenly do badly?

My personal take on this is the flawed formula of more action less story.

Devil May Cry was a fine balance between an engrossing story and great gameplay. The sequels were mostly action games with lackluster story.

Solution: Do it right Capcom. Create a sequel with a good plot not another combo game. Heck, I'll even give you an idea. Do a Sparda based game.

Final Fantasy
Situation: The last good Final Fantasy was X. Sad to say after that everything was garbage. 

Solution: Final Fantasy is primarily known as an escape from reality game. Make interesting characters not recycled ones. Make a memorable story. Dare I say it? Yes, a good story is better than great graphics.

Situation: Megaman, was one of Capcom's flagship products.  Keiji Inafune left, and the series was put on hold. Why?!

Solution: I don't care how just create a new Megaman game!

Metal Gear Solid
Situation: Metal Gear Solid 1 is considered by many as a seminal game. The game introduced so much innovation and memorable scenes that we can't help but fall in love with Snake. So what went wrong? well..there's Raiden, and getting Snake becoming an old geezer. Also the sequels has become repetitions of MGS 1 Why? Why can't we just enjoy a "normal" Metal Gear Solid Game with a good plot?[post_ad]

Solution: Make Snake "magically" young again. The gameplay is great but please add new innovations. Also please, can we have one Metal Gear Solid game where someone "magically" resurrects.

Resident Evil

Situation: Dear God, what did they do to this series! Resident Evil was an excellent franchise before it became a Silent Hill clone..yeah you read it right.

Solution: Go back to the staples we know and love. We understand you want to return to Resident Evil's roots of Survival Horror but you do it gradually not overnight =/

Parasite Eve
Situation: Parasite Eve was another blockbuster game combining a good story with solid gameplay. The sequel became weird and "The Last Birthday"storyline felt like it was done a drug junkie.

Solution: Go back to the roots. We want Aya, yeah the real Aya Brea. It's experimental but maybe recreate the original Parasite Eve gameplay. Do you honestly not want to milk a character that is still popular after so much hate done to her?


tumbler/castlevania sotn
Situation: The formula has already been perfected. Why do you need to destroy it with those 3D games.

Solution: Create Symphony of The Night 2!

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