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Reia Ayunan Officially Joins GameOPS!

I am proud to announce that Ms. Reia Ayunan is now part of Team GameOPS!

A former member of the famed Mini Moni Philippines, Reia Ayunan is a veteran cosplayer, an entrepreneur, a gamer, and founder of MeiDolls Maid Cafe. Her experience and social network is a great help in our mission at GameOPS to go beyond gaming.

Welcome to GameOPS, GM Reia!

1.) Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

Hi, I am Reia and I am a blogger, gamer and cosplayer. I am also set to start streaming in my own Twitch channel as well as publish more awesome videos on my Youtube channel. Hopefully those will work out!

2.) How did you end up where you are right now?

Because of my interests and passion basically.

3.) How was your life like before becoming popular?

Hahaha I am not popular.

4.) What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

Spare time? What is spare time? Hahaha JK.

I blog, watch series, read a good book while listening to good music. And if I have a little bit more time to spare I play video games.

5.) Do you play any games (PC, console, mobile, arcade)?

I play DOTA 2 right now... and I plan to purchase PS4 so I can go back to console gaming. But my favorite type of games are RPG.

6.) If yes, when was the first time you played a video game?

When a kid... ever heard of the family computer? Hahaha

7.) Was it your first console? What video game platform do you prefer?
Yeahp. I like PlayStation.

8.) What kind of games did/do you play?

Mostly RPG but I am learning how to play MOBA games lately.

9.) What is/was your favorite game and why?

Final Fantasy series! I love how Square Enix creates their story, game play and characters.

10.) What your Top 5 favorite games of all time?

Final Fantasy 7, Legend of Legaia, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy 8, Chrono Cross.

11.) What about music? What are you into?

Anything that sounds great... bossa nova, jazz, acoustic, pop, edm... etc.

[post_ad]12.) Who are your favorite musicians?

Hmmmm no one in particular at this moment...

13.) What's your most listened to song/s?

My Youth.

14.) Going back to your career, what are you up to now? Got any projects we should watch out for?

I am doing so many things right now actually! Hahaha.

I am the Community Manager for migme, a new social media platform here in the Philippines. I manage and build the communities there. And I am also the talent coordinator for KekTV, an eSports app.

But apart from those I also blog. Do visit my website is!

I am also currently setting up my studio for my upcoming Twitch and Youtube channel. I will be doing social eating stream on Twitch and on Youtube I will be featuring my unboxing and review videos as well as some snippets of my Twitch episodes. Really stoked to start these projects!

15.) Do you have anything to promote?

Yes, please check out my website and kindly follow my instagram while you're at it!

Also, watch out for my upcoming Twitch and Youtube channel!

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