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The Duo test

Duo has been available since two weeks ago. Or three weeks ago? I forgot. But I downloaded the app a couple of days after its release and gave it a test with fellow GameOPS contributor Jepoy. (So, I'm not really late on the app, just this blog post.)

The splash screen

I've used this app only once and there’s not much to do with it really except video calls. But I can say it does have its pros.

  • Easy to use with its very simple UI. It's like the Android's Facetime. Once you open the app, the front camera goes on and the last caller (or probably frequented--I can't say as I've only video called one person) can be seen at the bottom. The contacts list pops up when the Video call button is selected. Anyone who’s not gadget savvy/techie or your granny or gramps would have no difficulty with Duo.

  • Audio is crystal clear without echo.
  • Video quality is fine and might be better than other similar apps. From my experience with Skype, video calls are blurry and pixelated and it takes a while for it to become clear or it stays that way whether connection quality is bad or not. But, with Duo, I get a clear video as soon as the receiving end answers. (See next in this list as to why this might be so.) It only cuts offs when internet signal is bad, although audio is uninterrupted.

  • The app uses both wifi and 4G simultaneously, but could be because my phone supports this feature.
  • It doesn't use too much RAM imo.
  • A user needs only to verify their mobile number to start using the app.

A survey question pops up after a call.

To be honest, I'm unsure if I will keep this app in my phone. Probably not because there's another Google app I'm interested in--Allo. I think I read somewhere they might ditch Hangouts (move its video feature to YouTube Live) for that. I'm unsure, but we'll find out.

Have you tried Duo? Let me know your thoughts on the app and if you find that you'll switch to it for video calls.

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