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The Reality of Playing Pokemon GO in the Philippines

My wife and I started playing Pokemon GO at the same time. She is a SMART user and I was using another network. It started out fun and we were genuinely competing against each other. We walked around the house and laughed at each others exploits.

It turns out, the rarest Pokemon's are often found in the toilet. Don't ask me why. It was great.  We were a picture of a happy Pokemon GO  couple, then one fateful day, something awful happened.

We were outside, near a gym and we were trying to capitalize on the Pokestops nearby with lures and incense. When suddenly,  my connection lagged. I tried restarting but it seemed my network has gone AWOL on me. This lasted for the duration of our visit. Imagine, seeing a Ponyta that you can't capture. Puny#t@!

It was downright stressful.

Even before that incident, I noticed certain differences in data our service. She always gets to see a Pokemon  first and I have to wait in earnest for the same chance. Capturing seemed seamless with her and mine had a mini lag most of the time. She threw the ball with ease and I had to wait for my Pokeball to land =/

She's 3 levels ahead of me now. She noticed, I wasn't as enthusiastic playing  the game anymore. It was sad.

We found a quick fix solution and whenever we go out I ask that she share her connection via tether. This was however temporary since I wanted to hunt on my own too.

Tell me, given this scenario what should I do?

The answer it seems, is simple enough. It's time to change my network. I believe I need the right network for maximum Pokemon CATCHING Power!

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