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Diablo IV Rumors: What You Need To Know!

Diablo is celebrating its 20th year anniversary at Blizzcon 2016 and rumors are circulating that there are plans to create a proper sequel since most of the fans where disappointed with the storyline of Diablo III.

When There is Smoke..

Blizzard sent out goody bags to BlizzCon attendees. Among the items inside the goody bag was a set of Diablo-themed dice, including a four-sided one. In case you are not nerd enough a 4 sided die is called a D4 in Dungeon in Dragons lore. Get it D4? Short for Diablo IV!

Now this speculation has turned hardcore gamers frantic with excitement over a possible Diablo IV title.

Blizzard Denies

Now Blizzard is claiming that it was a mistake on their part and the dice should have printed 11/4 the date of the Blizzcon event.

Also Diablo III developer David Brevik has denied the rumors, stating that he is currently and in the near future not working on a Diablo title.

Jedi Mind Trick

So what's next?, are we just too excited over the next Diablo game or is there merit to all the rumors?

My 2 cents? Blizzard has done it numerous times before. They love doing publicity for games and i'm sure the game is pretty much in the works. If not then this is an eye opener for them. A game garnering this much attention despite 20 years on little action? Start working Blizzard! You know we're gonna throw our money your way.

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