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Riverdale: Archie and The Gang Are Back!

People my age grew up reading Archie comics. The stories were often filled with laughs over the bumbling exploits of Archie Andrews but it doesn't mean you don't get to learn a thing or two. Archie is a typical American boy who has romance on his mind. Stories often revolve around our first memorable love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

It has been years and frankly speaking, the company has done everything to keep Archie relevant. A few years back there was a Death of Archie series, which tackled the idea of life without the lovable kid. Then there was Archie Marries Veronica much to the chagrin of fans, this followed shortly by Archie Marries Betty, which I personally liked more.

The overall acceptance was lukewarm and it was sad to realize that Archie was indeed dying a slow death. So the Riverdale TV series came as a breath of fresh air and I am one of those people who would love to make Archie Andrews relevant again.

We have early pictures of the cast so lets review:

Archie Andrews

Why does Archie look like a reject from Twilight? It's Archie Andrews not Edward Cullen...

Betty Cooper

Betty actually looks perfect for the part.

Veronica Lodge

If you look at the other pictures of the actress playing Veronica she actually looks good but for this photo it's a no. Veronica is a very confident girl and this photo doesn't look comfortable.

Cheryl Blossoms

I don't get it. She looks like a Russian spy with a spider..on her shoulder. Really?!

Jughead Jones

He actually looks right for the part. Points for Griffindor!

Well..with the exception of Betty and Jughead, so far it isn't looking good. Maybe a few crucial changes should be made to make them more like their comic counterparts. 

Hopefully we can see these changes before it premieres on CW.

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