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Sa Wakas: A Different Review (Spoilers)

I missed the first run of "Sa Wakas: The Musical". The reviews were definitely good and given that I was a follower of Sugarfree songs made me lament on the missed opportunity.

Recently I heard news that "Sa Wakas: The Musical" will return to stage on 2017, my wife, who happens to be a bigger Sugarfree follower than I am, surprised me with booked tickets on Jan. 28.

The date was set. I get to watch a musical featuring one of my favourite bands. What could possibly go wrong.

The location was on a new mall in Makati named Ayala Circuit. The parking was more than spacious, and most of the stores were already opened. Sad thing was aside from Army Navy and Va Bene there wasn't much choices in restaurants. We ended up going to Little Tokyo after the play.

In reviewing Sa Wakas, I start of with a few things. I am not a professional critic, I do so with an eye of a fan. I share my views based on what I felt and what I saw. I am offering my humblest apology  in advance for my bad writing and for anybody who might feel bad in reading this article.

The Review: (Spoiler Alert)

The story is backwards. Once you realise this you probably are on the third scene. This info might come in handy for some.

The venue is a cramped space which is excellent for theatre but it's hard to move around and I personally experience stumbling on my way to the comfort room.

The play is mature, there are infinite number of curses, cigarrettes, and an implied sex scene.

The ending is "bitin" you have been warned hahaha

The Characters: (Spoiler Alert)

Topper - the guy is a flawed character, I'm personally saddened by how confused he is in all these. He can't decide, he can't let go. On the lighter side, he does have a wicked sense of humour, and a liking to poetry.

A struggling photographer who ends up in a relationship with both Lexy and Gabby.

Pepe Herrera, started out pitchy in some of his scenes but eventually warmed up. I generally liked his Topper because it was the funny version. From what i'm reading the other Topper (Vic) has a voice that sounds very much like Ebe Dancel.

Lexy - Levy is irritating. It's just sad that despite the bitchiness (is that even a word?) the constant disrespect for Topper's profession as an artist, it is suggested that she still gets Topper in the end.

As a character it's hard to stand her because of her fast paced way of talking. It's barely recognisable. When Lexy sings, she tends to overpower Topper in the scenes and you can visibly see her adjusting to it.

To be fair, I read about Caisa Borromeo and it turns out that when she is with the other Topper (Vic) she performs 10 times better.

It might also be because she uses English as a medium and since "Sa Wakas" is a Filipino musical it's harder to pull off.

Lastly, on hindsight this might all be planned. Caira, might be intentionally making the audience hate her subtlely. Well for me, it worked =)

Gabby - Gabby, if not for circumstances would have been a perfect girl for Topper. She is exciting, funny, and witty. She is an editor for a magazine and helps Topper throughout tough times in his career.

I liked Gabby, despite the fact that it ended with Gabby desensitised over Topper, the rooftop scene was notably one of the best. It made us like an almost forgotten Sugarfree song "Kwentuhan"

Gabby gets the better set of songs by the way.  

My take, Justine Pena, needs a bigger part. She can already carry herself.

Kuya - To be honest, I liked kuya best. He is a scene stealer and his voice is really good for a supporting character. The "Dear Kuya" is one of the best scenes, if I might say so.

In Conclusion:

The play is highly recommended since it tackles a very modern love story. It is about beautiful beginnings and very sad endings. It shows why relationships fall apart, and how humour will almost always save the day.

If I may add one last thing. Ebe Dancel's songs..has always been pure for me. He has always made me felt that when he sings to a person, that person is his world. His only world. In a way having a love triangle as the focus of Sugarfree songs just feels bad somewhat.

I mean the screenplay was awesome don't get me wrong but it just felt that one half of Ebe's songs were offered to one girl and the other half to another.

Personally, Ebe's songs deserve a beautiful love story. It can be unrequited love, it can be true love, but sadly it falls out of place in a love triangle.


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