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Manga Fridays: Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku

Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku is a three-volume manga by mangaka Tsuda Mikiyo. It's about twins Sou and Sui Takaya. Sou, the younger twin, has psychokinesis, while Sui... He was very normal (yet effeminate) until they started high school. A vampire, werewolf, and an onmyouji attended the same school as the twins where they traced the power they need to help their clans. They felt this power four months prior the start of school.

When the werewolf and vampire were in a middle of battle, the twins accidentally walked through their barrier. The twins didn't know of this, of course, but this surprised the supernatural beings. The twins were very human, so they shouldn't be able to see them nor pass through the barrier. Eventually, they discovered Sou has psychokinesis, but it wasn't the power they need. But when Sou got into a minor accident, Sui's power was revealed and that's when things got hectic for the twins.

For a supernatural genre, three volumes seem short. But there's really no 'bad' guy here. Just selfish and what they (the characters) call an 'awkward' persons. The manga art is stunning though. There was also a big improvement from the first volume to the third. All the males became bishounen. LOL! I disliked how the characters, except the twins, were made very 'noisy.' The panels were full of tiny text that were too difficult or annoying to read. I ended up skipping some.

I enjoyed the manga past half the second volume. It gets better from there, since it reveals Sui's powers and why the clans really need it.

Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku is a supernatural manga without a complicated plot. It's funny and tries to be cute. You'll like this more if you're into BL.

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