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Manga Fridays: Danshi-ing Girl

Danshi-ing Girl by Okada Haruki is a shoujo romance comedy about female and male students Nonomiya Karin and Yuzuhara Shouta, respectvily, whose souls switched after an accident.

Nonomiya despise boys. When her and her classmates came across a group of students from an all-boys school, her friends couldn't help but ogle. She tried to get away, but stopped when her handkerchief was windblown to the middle of the road. A male student picked it up for her as she was about to. They didn't notice the incoming truck that they both got hit. And the manga's supposed to end there because they're supposed to be dead. But (!) shinigami Tanaka had to return their souls to their bodies because it wasn't their time yet.

Nonomiya wakes up as Yuuto, but she doesn't know that yet. She was shocked to see a boy, who happens to be Yuzuhara's roomate Kuga Yuuto, who called her "Shouta." She panics until Tanaka appears to explain the situation. So Nonomiya, who so much hate boys, has the body of one and needs to attend an all-boys school. Such a huge stress for the 'princess' being she's from a rich household, but she's able to manage with Kuga's help.

To be honest, I was very annoyed at Nonomiya with her dislike for boys only because she was bullied when she was young. It could be a valid reason, but I find that too exaggerated. The first chapter was a pain to read with her complaints, but the story got better in the last chapter.

[More spoiler]

There was no permanent fix to the soul switch-up, yet they figured it even without the help of the shinigami. The shinigami was barely a help at all. He could only explain the hows and whys. He's also very amused by the situation that he hangs out with them (under the excuse he needs to look after them).

[End spoilers]

Published by Hakusensha in 2009, Danshi-ing Girl is a single volume manga with three chapters and an extra about Yuzuhara's reaction when he woke up in Nonomiya's body.

I could have chosen a seemingly better title, but this was what I had in my tablet. Shoujo manga readers who like gender-bender might like this easy and cute read.

Manga Fridays is GameOPS' weekly review of manga from all genres... Or maybe not all.

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