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Manga Fridays: Kiryuu-sensei wa Renai ga Wakaranai.

Kiryuu-sensei wa Renai ga Wakaranai starts with a different manga--a harem--that I was near to giving up, but it's "Bocchi no Ore kara Riaju no Omaera ni Ittoku" or "Bottoku" written by the protagonist Futaba Kiryu. She's a 32 year-old mangaka whoa ctually cringes at her own popular work. She wanted to write something that tackles social issues, but was coerced by her editor to write a harem instead. She also claims to have no interest in men or women.

The plot isn't about her working on Bottoku (well, so far, as I haven't gone past the first volume). When she attempts to talk with one of her assistants--who she calls assassin because of how he looks, she suddenly got confessed to. The night after that, a staff--who she calls the strategist--from the anime production of her manga confessed to her too. The inexperienced in romance Futaba Kiryu and who claims to be uninterested in men or women now has to deal with two suitors.

I wish I can get the rest of the volumes since this is already finished (in Japan). It's interesting, yet Futaba can be exhausting. She has a quick temper, so her character is often angry or pissed; always tries to justify or correct anything that she has an issue with. It seems like in every panel, she's "shouting." There are some funny scenes though like when she imagines assassin assistant shooting her the moment she opens the door for him. The fact she even calls him assassin assistant is already funny to me, even if lame. (I am easy to amuse.)

I'm still curious how this unfolds, so I will continue to read in hopes it doesn't disappoint.

Kiryuu-sensei wa Renai ga Wakaranai. is by Ono Haruka. It has five volumes published by Flower Comics. If you are into josei, but prefer more comedy and hardly no drama then you might enjoy this. To those who read scanlations, as of writing, there are only six chapters translated.

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