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Picofly: The $3 Nintendo Switch Modchip for DIY Hackers

If you're into Nintendo Switch modding, you're probably familiar with the expensive hardware modchips available on the market. But now, there's a cheaper and more accessible alternative - the Picofly.

What is the Picofly? It's a DIY solution for Nintendo Switch hacking that uses a RP 2040 Zero microcontroller that costs just $3 on electronics retailers. With reasonable soldering skills, you can hack any Nintendo Switch for less than $10 using the Picofly. This is a huge deal when you consider that the competition, such as HWFly chips, can cost anywhere between $60 to $100.

How does it work? Similar to the SX Modchips or HWFly, the Picofly glitches the Switch CPU to make it fail a check, allowing it to boot from an unsigned payload that will run higher-level software such as Hekate. With the recent release of Rehius's firmware, all the pieces are now technically available for people to create their DIY Picofly and hack any Nintendo Switch.

But before you jump into it, keep in mind that you'll need good soldering skills to make it work. Desoldering the USB port and the two buttons from the RP2040 Zero might also be necessary to fit the Picofly inside your Nintendo Switch.

Although still a work in progress, the Picofly is a real and fully working alternative to expensive modchips. It may require more work than HWFly, but it's also 15% of the cost. If you're willing to take some risk, the Picofly is definitely worth considering.

So, stay tuned for more updates on the Picofly and see how this solution will get refined in the coming days.


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