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Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act IRR to take effect on April 17

The Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act is set to take effect on April 17, 2023. Under this act, a vehicle that is at least 40 years old, whose chassis, engine, steering assembly, and suspension assembly are either original or authentic, and whose body has not been altered in general appearance, may qualify as a vintage vehicle.

The key benefit for owners of vintage vehicles registered under this act is that they are not required to meet the anti-pollution, safety, road-use, and other standards that were not in force at the time of their manufacturing. However, registered vintage vehicles with modern engine replacement of the same brand or manufacturer and of the same general specification as the engine original to the vintage vehicle shall still follow the regulations set by the Clean Air Act and Anti-Pollution standards.

Vintage vehicle owners are given three years from the effectivity of the IRR to register their vehicles under the ‘no evidence of ownership’ category. The IRR also provides for the minimum standards for the inspection of vintage vehicles, requirements for the importation and exportation of vintage vehicles, the procedure for the re-stamping of the chassis number, the onsite registration of vintage vehicles at permanent exhibits and museums, and a vintage vehicle distinctive license number plate.

As of now, registration under the Vintage Vehicle Registration Act is not mandatory for all vehicles manufactured prior to 1983, but it is merely an option for the owner. Vintage vehicle enthusiasts can now enjoy owning and maintaining their vintage vehicles without worrying about the anti-pollution, safety, road use, and other standards that were not in force at the time of their manufacturing.

(via: Philippine News Agency)

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