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A "Time Traveler from 2671" Reveals Major Events of 2023

A man claiming to be a time traveler from 2671 has recently shared a list of world-altering events that he believes will occur in 2023. Eno Alaric, popularly known as @theradianttimetraveler on TikTok, has gained over 26,000 followers for his posts about future events. According to Alaric, after March 23, 8,000 people will be chosen by an alien called "The Champion" to save humanity by relocating them to a habitable planet. On May 15, a 750ft megatsunami is expected to hit San Francisco, CA, causing over 200,000 casualties.

The time traveler also predicts that on June 12, a five-mile-deep trench will open due to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake, releasing species previously thought to be extinct. Furthermore, on June 18, seven people will reportedly fall from the sky to their passing, while nothing was even there. On August 12, scientists will find a cure for skin cancer, using a pituitary gland from a squirrel. On December 3, a large crystal with the power to heal all ailments and injuries will be discovered deep in the Amazon, and on December 29, scientists will find a way to use stem cells to grow replacement organs and new kinds of organs.

While some TikTok users are skeptical about these predictions, others find them fascinating and hope to be among the 8,000 people selected to save humanity. However, some users argue that revealing these events could alter the timeline, creating a new future.

I think it's about time to ban TikTok. :P

(via: Mirror)

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