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Bid For Power RC1


It is very common for us to see modifications (mods) being developed by the gamers themselves for the reason that the game has a great engine or they just want to experiment, but unfortunately, not all the mods out there are that great. Only a few mods became quite popular, like Counterstrike, a mod for the game Half-life which lets you experience team based gameplay using strategy instead of running around like some crazed Rambo, which gives realism in games a level-up. But not every mod wants to be "realistic"... just like........

Bid For Power. If you haven't heard about this, then you might be one of these: You are not interested in PC games or mods, you have been banned by the government to be near a computer, or you simply don't like Dragonball...

You say "Dragonball?" Yes... Bid For Power is a mod for the game Quake III Arena which features styles from the popular anime Dragonball Z. If you're already drooling and you want to grab a copy of this mod, well, sorry but it's not yet going to be realeased by the developers anytime soon, because they are still tweaking some bugs in this mod. Of course, being the lucky bastard that I am, I have gotten myself a... well, an "official" copy of its first release... now I'm not gonna disclose my sources since it might cause some problems so I'm just gonna share all I know about Bid For Power... well of course for release one. I even included screenshots here that I took while playing it...

The first thing you'll see of course is the main screen with the usual options. If you have to configure your controls, then do it now. If you are comfortable with the default settings from the Quake controls, I still suggest that you check out the controls since you are gonna use a lot of the keys on the keyboard. Just imagine this, you are in the universe of Dragonball Z and you will have to charge your ki, fly, run, teleport out of harms way, and more.... now see why I wanted you to check the controls?

After configuring it to the way you want it, we start the game! Of course, I chose Goku as my first character since he is the star of the show after all...


Ok, it's judgement time!

Sound: The voices sound nice... especially Goku's "!!!" and the other's as well. Since this is just the first "release" (I should say leak) well, I think they will be improving especially in this department.

Graphics: For a first build game, this one proves that team work will produce quality products... like this mod! Models look professional, but I heard that they have improved this in RC2, and just wait till RC3... the public release version!

Controls: I have no problems with the controls whatsoever since configuration is allowed... it depends on you anyway.

Replayability: PERFECT! I mean, I play my copy only with myself (because I don't have friends that have this game yet... and there's no modem dial-up feature here only lan thingies) against bots, and I still keep coming back! for more!

Playing Tips:

1. Watch Dragonball Z and learn how the attacks work... anyway I'll give you a brief run down on them now...

2. When playing a serious game, use Piccolo's Eye Beam for irritating your unsuspecting friends.

3. The longer you charge your ki for your attack, the stronger it gets.

4. Don't be afraid to fight and explore underwater, you cannot drown, you're super humans (beings.)

5. Freeza's Death Ball attack is the LARGEST attack of them all, but it also is slow and can be avoided with the proper technique.

6. Don't forget to charge up your ki after firing a ki attack.

7. When all else fail, use melee attacks! Just charge at your opponent and hold the key you assigned for your melee attacks!

8. Kuririns Kakusanha is the best weapon for newbies. First, it flies towards opponents at a good rate, then when you press your fire button again, the energy ball splits up into four homing energy bombs!!! I've done this a few times and the result was very amusing! The whole screen was littered with those energy bombs chasing all 14 of my enemies!!! Plus, it doesn't use too much ki.

9. Gohan's Angry Explosion has a range of about 100 meters, full power.

10. Kuririn's Kienzan is hard to aim, since it doesn't have a homing feature AND it is VERY THIN. The only good part here is it's almost a one hit kill if it touches anyone.

11. Freeza's Kienzan is deadlier, packed with a HOMING feature.

12. Don't touch the electricity in the city levels as they cause minor damage.

13. Your own ki attacks can hurt you.

14. When charging your ki, be sure you are well hidden as enemies can see your powerful glow if you charge your ki.

15. Never blast your team mate and kill him as this will decrease your frag score.

Fun Stuff With Bid For Power

1. Pick a character for your team color. On the other team, assign all the available slots for your enemies! Put the difficulty in NIGHTMARE! Just imagine you against 14 Freezas!!! YEEEHAAA!!!

2. You can kill your friends... as in team mates!

I hope you're all envious... err I mean excited now! Let's wait for the official realease of Bid For Power and hope it is a lot better!!!


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