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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 3D Models Ripped

When we were playing the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the GameCube, we thought that Ilia was Zelda's opponent when it comes to Link's love... But Ilia just disappeared in the story.

But if fans were to re-write the story, the title of the game might end up The Legend of Ilia. :~) Members of Facepunch Studios have ripped the 3D models of the game and posted the files on their forum. Users with Photoshop or other 2D/3D softwares can easily modify the textures of the game, including Link and Ilia (pictured above).

You can download the files here.


  1. Obv. fake. Link's too dark, and Ilia is too light. Wrong shading and everything.

  2. Of course its fake, it's model manipulation.

  3. image is fake but this does happen

  4. I hate Ilia, and this never happened. Relasionships do not ever show clearly in Zelda games, for example, Midna and Link, in the last scene when Midna says," Has my beauty made you speechless?" or whatever, and went into the Twilight Realm.  Possibly never to be seen again.... *sob*  So, Ilia and Link is impossible too. Link, as seen in the Child Timeline, went to become a knight after these events. *sigh* I wish Ilia didnt get her memory back...


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