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Nintendo Wii Opera Browser and Controls

Nintendo has finally released its full version of the Internet Channel by offering the Opera web browser on the Nintendo Wii. The browser will be free to download until June 30 and would cost 500 Wii points afterwards.
Search, surf and shop with family and friends, all from the comfort of your living room with the Internet Channel on Wii. Featuring a number of enhancements to improve the user experience as well as a host of added extras, the full version of the Internet Channel powered by Opera is now available for free download across North America.

If you have already downloaded your new Opera browser, check these hidden Wii controls compiled by Shogunx

Regular Commands
A: Select/Click

Hold B: Free Scroll (much like pressing middle mouse click and moving the cursor in the way you want to scroll)

2 Button: Switch between Automatic or Manual zoom

(+) Key: Zoom in (if in manual zoom mode)
(-) Key: Zoom out (if in manual zoom mode)

Directional pad up: Scroll page up

Directional pad down: Scroll page down

Directional pad left: Scroll page left

Directional pad right: Scroll page right

Hidden Commands
B + Directional pad up: Refresh current page

B + Directional pad down: Favorites/Bookmarks

B + Directional pad left: Search current page

B + Directional pad right: Enter new URL (similar to address bar in your common browser)

B + (-) key : Go Back a page (similar to back button on your browser)

B + (+) Key: Go forward one page (similar to Forward button on your browser)

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