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AGEIA - PhysX card

After the GPU mumbo jumbo craze set by nVidia and ATI there is a new term to remember if you want a new level of gaming experience, it is called PPU.

It's the next big thing in PC gaming.

A physics processing unit (PPU) is purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of physics algorithms. These represent an environment that's much different than a general purpose processor or graphics processor.

AGEIA PhysX is the first and only physics processor available today to enhance game play physics. The PPU is built to calculate all of the movement and interaction in a game at incredible speeds, so that even the most graphically-sophisticated games can have realistic "cause and effect" actions without degrading performance.

They are promoting this new concept in PC gaming, it is called the power triangle

The triangle consists of the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU) and Physics Processing Unit (PPU) working together to balance the extensive computing demands of game logic, graphics and physics.

At this point, the Accelerator is configured as a PCI 2.1 add-in board with 128MB GDDR3, it add up 30watts in your current power configuration and it will cost around 200-300 usd.

Games that support this new technology are Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Gears of War, City of Villains and Unreal Tournament 3, etc.


  1. I've seen these in Dells and know a guy who says its great (he plays rpgs though so how much of a diff would u notice?). Toms hw said these are nothing special.

  2. It's not worth the price, especially right now where multi-core processors are taking over the stage.


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