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Nexgen Studio Releases Deep Quest

Nexgen Studio has just released Deep Quest, a casual PC game published by
Aztro Games. The game is perhaps one of the first casual real time strategy
game that retains the classic controls of the all time hit game, Star Craft,
but with likable cute underwater mermaid and merman characters.

The team is extremely proud to produce the game that has already been accepted for distribution by major casual game portals, including Yahoo, Big Fish and Oberon Media.

"This is our first major release, and the second will definitely be better.", commented CEO, Alvin Yap. "We will continue to be focused on casual game development and have plans to further expand our existing mobile team and exploration into XBLA(X-Box Live Arcade) platform."

Nexgen Studio is currently busy with their next title, "Elven Legends" which is a realtime multiplayer mobile game with some cross platform elements. The game is based on the rich fantasy world of cute elves battling for territorial control and magical supremacy. It is currently in close beta stage and is being tested in South Korea, North Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore.

"This is perhaps one of the most complex mobile game the team has ever worked on due to its semi persistent game world state, reminiscent of popular mmo PC games. It requires tools to be built for managing the database of virtual items, server load balancing and a robust client with ability to display different customized avatars on the mobile screen.", explains one of the programmers, Khin Boon.

"To top it off, the environment consists of many graphic layers to achieve animations in the background. Players will love the details we put into it.", added Pek Harn, a senior artist.

"As we have experienced the online phenomenon in the PC world, so too, will we experience the excitement of connected games in the mobile world.", CEO Alvin Yap says. "The challenge is in lowering the cost of data or getting more wimax phones out."

Nexgen Studio is a local game development company established in March 2003. Early this year, it was invested by MNC Wireless, a Malaysian company listed in KLSE. Nexgen Studio develops casual games for the PC and mobile platform and has created over twenty titles in the past.

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