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Sen. Bong Revilla Indirectly Promotes Piracy and Splogs

I just finished reviewing my sensor logs GameOPS' recent comments when I stumbled upon a comment from Mobisop. His (her?) comment was posted on an article announcing the release of HighStreet 5 in the Philippines. Mobisop said that the game would be a great game. Curious, I clicked his name which brought me to his website.

The website turns out to be a subdomain of, the official website of the movie Resiklo. To those who don't know, Resiklo was the 2007 Metro Manila Film Fest's Best Picture and a movie by Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. MOBISOP claims to be a movie and software review blog.

Click image for more info

Well this blog doesn't seem to be a "review blog" at all. All it offers are links to warez and cracked applications and ways for you to watch movies online. But clicking deeper into this, you won't see any cracked applications or ways to watch movies online.

The blog tricks you to click and click links until your reach a site where it will only describe that certain movie or warez you're looking for. The sites you'll encounter will also warn you that watching a movie online or using cracks/warez is illegal. In other words, the sites you've been through are all SPLOGS. PERIOD.

Okay guys, what's wrong with this?

I don't know what you guys think but being the star and producer of the movie Resiklo, Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. is indirectly promoting illegal movies, warez and cracked applications online just by the use of his domain. Though he's actually not the one doing it, it's still his responsibility to check his websites now and then. Right?

We're just fresh from the news that Anino Games Inc. got caught by the NBI for using illegal and pirated copies of Autodesk softwares. Now another big wig is joining them and unfortunately, he's an official of the Republic of the Philippines.

What would Chairman Edu Manzano think off if he learns about this? Another word war? :~)

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