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Tiny Dog Killed Briefly by Wii-mote

Ozzy, a five month miniature Sheltie was killed briefly by a rogue Wii-mote during the holiday season in Marquette, Michigan USA. The dog was miraculously revived by blowing 4 to 5 breaths on the dog's nose.

"We had just got the Wii for Christmas," explained owner Kathy White, "so we were trying it out, and that's when Alexis and I were bowling and Ozzy was standing by me and he jumped up and I hit him in the temple and killed him instantly."

Kathy called her neighbor Pene Honey for assistance.

"I was brushing my teeth and my husband handed me the phone and I put it to my face and it was Kathy and she was screaming that she killed Ozzy and to come over right now. I just waited to see if he would breath and his heart was racing and racing and then it slowed and then just stopped, and that's when I gave him a breath in his nose," Honey said.

After four or five breaths, Honey says Ozzy coughed and woke up.

They rushed Ozzy to the vet where they found out that he had severe brain swelling and was in cardiac arrest. Ozzy has now recovered and is living a normal mutt life.

(Via Kotaku)


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