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Top Video Game Birthdays!

Videogame characters have birthdays too! O.o

Lara Croft

Tomb Raider is notorious for the “nude” code. Lara Croft made us play that game for hours trying every code and patch in the internet. 20 Tomb Raider games later still no “nude” code. Sorry fanboys but Lara will leave a legacy of teasing us to a point and leaving us out to dry. Feel cold in here?

Birthday: Feb 14 1968

(Emulating a Fanboy) Happy birthday Lara! Be my Valentine! (snicker,snicker)


The “star” of the Pokemon series. Pikachu is a mix between a volleyball and a rabbit :) The thing that endeared Pikachu to us is his relationship with his master Ash Ketchum. Did I say us? Nah..

Birthday: Feb 27,1996

Tried asking him but only got “pika, pika” as a response. Guys oversized “gerbils” don’t have birthdays! I’ll look into his cute voice actor’s birthday instead (wink, wink) :)

Master Chief

The famed Halo character seems to be the quiet brooder type (Imagine Snake without Otacon) :) Strapped with a futuristic gun and legions of Halo followers Master Chief only needs to stay away from the words “Lego Halo”

Birthday: November 15, 2001

Gotcha Master Chief! It seems our resident soldier is a bit messy when it comes to personal file :))

Cloud Strife

Cloud rocks! FFVII was perfection unto itself. The main character was characterized for his punky spiked hair (ala Dragon Ball), his buster sword which endeared big swords to us, a cool motorcycle scene, and the choices he has to make between 2 girls :)) How cool is that?

Lastly if you haven’t watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children you won’t see Cloud in his full 3d glory.

Birthday: Aug 19, XXXX

Cloud’s birthday is one day apart from my girlfriend’s birthday?! Creepy O.o

*Also as a fan boy bonus I’ll include the other FF VII characters birthday.

Aerith Gainsborough Feb 7, XXXX
Cid Highwind Feb 24, XXXX
Tifa Lockhart May 3, XXXX
Vincent Valentine Oct 13, XXXX
Yuffie Kisaragi Nov 20, XXXX
Barret Wallace Dec 15, XXXX


One of the oldest videogame icons Pacman can be best described as s 2d Pikachu :-I Give him a maze and a ton of pellets rest assured that no ghost is safe from Pacman.

Birthday: May 22, 1980

Stop being a Twilight fan and be a Pacman fan instead! “Bite me Pacman, bite me!”

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic’s legacy to videogames is being both the fastest videogame character and one of the coolest. When rumors of Golden Sonic came out everybody wanted to play Sonic again and try the cheat out.

Birthday: June 23, 1991

Sonic is never without his sidekick Tails.

Samus Aran

The coolest bounty hunter on the planet. Samus came at us with guns and bombs. Why can’t we forget her? Simply because until now Samus being a girl has left all our mouths hanging.

Birthday: Aug 6, 1986

Everybody got a dose of Samus in the original Metroid when she came guns ablazing in her swimsuit O.o

Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid introduced a slew of innovations for gamers. We got to use military weapons not usually present in most games. We got to sneak past our way past soldiers and the holy grail of innovations nobody thought hiding in a box could be fun :)

Snake is the first mainstream videogame character to smoke..and eat snakes O.o

Birthday: July 19, 1990 (Classified info)

Snake won’t tell :)) and I’m not going to mess with the guy.


The star of legend of Zelda. Link has experienced it all just to save Zelda and recover the Triforce. He has traveled in time, he has worn stupid looking masks, he has been shrunk to the size of a tamale, he has been turned into a wolf, and lastly he just happened to be marooned inside the belly of a fish O.o Link doesn’t disappoint folks.

Birthday: Feb 21, 1986

Link and Princess Zelda don’t have birthdays since it’s common fact that there are different Link’s and Zelda’s in each Legend of Zelda adventure. Also I don’t know how to read Hyrulean so I’m going to stick with the game’s birthday :)


The mustached, Italian, plumber known around the world and also stars the biggest gaming franchise. Mario is best known for jumping on enemies and rescuing Princess Peach.

Luigi his brother finally got a break in Luigi’s mansion but with no plans of a sequel looks like Luigi is doomed to be Mario’s shadow :)) ouch.

Birthday: Sept 13, 1985

Despite being a little plump Mario has been featured in a wide array of sports like Basketball, Tennis, and Golf


The bad ass of Olympus. Kratos kills indiscriminately and in gory fashion too. Kratos always find himself in the presence of “nekid” chicks. Kratos battles uber big bosses with ease. Kratos is a god among videogame characters

Birthday: March 22, 2005

Don’t know, you ask him he’s worse that Snake.

Ryu Hayabusa

The Ninja Gaiden series was the first to initiate cut scenes in a video game. Ryu’s your typical ninja he doesn’t talk he just rescues his girlfriend and kills everything standing in his way using a wide variety of ninja weapons.

Birthday: Jun 15, 1973

Ryu also cameos as a player for the dead or alive series.

Duke Nukem

The game innovated the first person shooting platform by inducing personality on the hero of the game.

Never without his signature glasses and bubblegum, Duke became the savior of all the women of earth after aliens killed all the men.

Birthday: July 1, 1991

Duke doesn’t mention anything related to his age it keeps the girls lining up on him.

Chun Li

One of the earliest females to strut her stuff in the videogame scene. Chun-li had one advantage over Samus, we can better imagine her than Samus little sprite animation.

I remember I had a friend who intentionally lets Chun-Li get sweep kicked of the floor so that he could just see her panties O.o weird I know.

Chun-Li as has an incoming movie.

Birthday: March 1, 1968

*Also as a fan boy bonus I’ll include some SF characters birthday.

Guile Dec 23, 1960
Ryu Jul 21, 1964
Cammy Jan 6, 1974
Ken Feb 14, 1965
Blanka Feb 12, 1966

Squall Leonheart

Squall is another Final Fantasy character close to our hearts. Squall’s weapon of choice is the gun sword. This weapon is so cool because you get the chance to inflict an additional hit per slash just by timing a button smash.

Known as a quiet brooder Squall found his match in the presence of his love interest Rinoa Heartilly.

Birthday: Aug 23, XXXX

*Also as a fan boy bonus I’ll include some FF VIII characters birthday.

Laguna Loire Jan 3, XXXX
Ward Zaback Feb 25, XXXX
Rinoa Heartilly Mar 3, XXXX
Zell Dincht Mar 17, XXXX
Kiros Seagul Jul 6, XXXX
Selfie Tilmitt Jul 16, XXXX
Quistis Trepe Oct 4, XXXX
Irvine Kinneas Nov 24, XXXX
Sant' Angelo de Roma Dec 13, XXXX
Seifer Almasy Dec 22, XXXX


Megaman is more fondly called the “blue bomber”. Megaman is the game that provided the innovation of acquiring your opponents powers and at the same time getting to fight them all again near the end of the game.

Birthday: Dec 17, 1987

Megaman is one of the few video game characters which have successfully crossed both the adventure and RPG market. “Eat your heart out Mario!”

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