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Tokyo Game Show! Yeyness!

Yes. The 2009 Tokyo Game Show started TODAY (or, to be more exact, yesterday, since it is now past midnight), and all kinds of things have been announced, like the 250GB PS3, the PSP price drop of 3,000 Yen (in Japan), the new $200 price tag of the Wii starting Sept. 27 (okay, that wasn't really announced during TGS), and the Gran Turismo 5 bundle on March 2010 (FINALLY).

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to hear all of the breaking news. Instead I was in my friend's house in Chiba savoring this wonderfully home-cooked sukiyaki:

Meccha umai! (Translation: freakin' delicious)

Yeah, well basically, I arrived in Tokyo at around 2pm today, and that's clearly not enough time to catch anything important at TGS. So instead, my friend and I just roamed around Akihabara looking for really cheap deals, and then we went home early. (I bought a Wii to VGA cable. Yey! I hope they work...)

Not to worry though. I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning. Also, I will most likely be making updates during the show itself, so stay tuned!


  1. It's almost 1am there JM and you need lots of sleep! We're all excited for your updates tomorrow! :~)


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