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First Movie Still: Thor

I am a big comics fun and its nice to see 2D comics characters that are usually drawn on panels, come to life in live action and even in 3D movies. Yahoo movies and Paramount pictures just released one movie still for this upcoming Thor 2011 movie (yes, its the image above). Chris Hemsworth will be wielding the powers of thunder as Thor.

However, we all know that Hollywood is not perfect. Heck, it has it own share of EPIC FAILS in doing video games as movies. So do comic book heroes (remember the first Hulk movie? How about the Superman Returns movie?) But the Hollywood people are getting ambitious over these kinds of projects because of the availability of the technology. I am hearing gossips about Marvel's Civil War series that will be turned into a movie once the planned Avengers movie will push through and make commercial success.

How about video games? Hollywood hasn't made any decent film based on video games (and please do spare these kind of movie projects from Uwe Boll! He has plans to do the Metal Gear movie! Ugh!) and they always suck. Its hard to compress a medium that can be played for 16 or more hours into a 1-2 hour movie. Another factor that affects these movies (superhero and videogames adaptations alike) is the scriptwriting. They always deviate from the supposed plot.

Anyway, I hope that his Thor movie will make a commercial success. I am quite excited though to see how Thor will wield his hammer over his enemies. :P

Photo courtesy of and Paramount Pictures.


  1. OMFG!!! Is this for real!

  2. Yes Joriben.

    That's one for real. Although I don't expect Thor's costume to be made out of rubber. I am expecting to be much closer to a real deal Viking costume. :)

  3. Hahaha...Jepoy...

    That is holy cow indeed. :)

  4. But I think the costume is great. Oh wait, I still need to see the whole of it before I judge it. This photo is too epic to be good. But they already did it on Iron Man so why not in Thor. I'm so excited. 2012... why are you so near yet so far.

  5. I heard that Thor will be shown in 2011. That's the latest gossip. :)


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