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Nihonsei: 1/1 Scale Evangelion Statue

With the success of the 1/1 scale(80cm) Mobile Suit Gundam RX78-2 last year, Gainax is planning to construct a mecha its pride and glory Neon Genesis Evangelion. The full scale mecha will be on a "caged" state (similar to the anime when it was in standby mode) and a fully operational cockpit that tourists can enter (for an additional fee) is also planned.

The unit is due to be unveiled in Yamanashi prefecture in late July.


  1. Now THIS, I gotta see. =D

    <-- Eva fangirl.

  2. YEY! Let's talk about EVA here! x3

  3. so, what can you say about the 2 movies You are not alone and You cannot advance ?

  4. I haven't seen them (yet). Those were the re-release right? XD

  5. Yup it was the re-release. Although ver 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance has a new twist with the introduction of Mari Makinami and the test plugsuits were shown for the first time here. Also, my beloved Asuka received a name change from Asuka Langley Soryuu to Asuka Langley Shikinami

  6. Oh, a new pilot.

    I gotta watch the remake. But I would feel sad it it differs greatly from the original. I kinda like the original one. xD


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