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Guy Dressed As Ryu Reenacts Car Smash Stage From Street Fighter

This video isn't actually new, it was made somewhere in 2009 but hey! for those who haven't seen this footage yet, I'll bet you'd still be entertained :)

Video after the jump.

If you’ve played the original Street Fighter II, then you’ll know exactly what stage I’m talking about, especially with the help from the image above. It seems someone went out of their way to actually BEAT UP A CAR dressed up as Ryu.

After seeing the video, I wouldn’t say this guy beat up the car. It seems like he did more pulling key points of the car rather than delivering a furious combo of punches and kicks.

and please notice how he stays quite after his uber leet drop kick to the car :D


  1. ahh street i miss the days wherein i soundly kick jepoy's,glen's, and jay's ass because im so good...

  2. there's only one way to settle this chun li twerp!!! get your controller naws

  3. @rocky - June 8, 2010. Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Super Famicom. 10AM.

  4. I used to play as Ken or Ryu all the time because they're so similar


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