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New Trailer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I remembered my first time that I played the first Deus Ex: I played it secretly on our new computer in our guidance office. LOL. Oh darn, those wacky college days. Hoho. Anyway, the first Deus Ex is an accompanied feature in the Windows ME back then. Though Windows ME made it to the thrash bins of forgotten memory, Deus Ex somehow made it to be one of cult classics.

Square Enix and Eidos released a new trailer of the third installment of this futuristic saga - with a story line that runs along human augmentation and proxy soldiers. If you are one of the Ghost in the Shell fans out there (count me in guys - I'm one hell of a GITS fan too), then the story line for this third installment will feel familiar to you. Yeah, very dystopic and very much cyberpunk too.

The one thing that I am somehow not that comfortable with this game: the year - 2027. I'm pretty much a gamer that focuses on the storyline for maximum enjoyment of the game. Most cyberpunk genres are dated at least 50 to 100 years ahead. The game happens in the year 2027 - I bet not much tech in cyber prosthetics and military tech might not happen yet. Right now, the pace of the tech in those fields are way below Wall-E standards. :P

Then again, I hope this one will fare better than Deus Ex 2 and can serve as a continuation to the story of the first Deus Ex.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is slated to be released early 2011.

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