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Pirates 'R Us - Pirated Alodia Notebooks

Filipina cosplayer Shivena Uy spotted a "pirated" notebook being sold at National Bookstore with a photo of gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao. Alodia bought copies of the notebook and posted this on her Facebook Fan Page:

Tsk tsk... A pirated notebook from National Book Store. They used our Elven Fairy photo without permission. Please do not support...but my friends and I got a couple of copies...for... proof.. O.o;;; Hahaha!

Thanks to Shivena Uy for the heads up. *.*

Original elven fairy photo taken by Tricia Gosingtian.


  1. Yey! Thank you for deleting the stupid troll.

  2. She is in the photo, but she does not own the picture. Unless she commissioned it, the photographer is the one who owns it. Anyway, what the heck is an elven fairy? A 3-inch fairy boy had sex with a 6-ft. elven girl, or was is the other way around?

  3. When you do collaborations, both the model and the photographer owns the image. Unless there's a contract stating otherwise.

  4. Lol hahahah!!!1.......amazing post against piracy.......i loved it.....lolzzzzz


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