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Knights of the Crystals

There's a new game from Square Enix for casual Facebook gamers called Knights of the Crystals. Square Enix calls it a "brand new Social RPG" wherein you can team up with friends and challenge other users.

In Knights of the Crystals you’ll be able to explore a rich world filled with monsters to battle, quests to complete, and treasures to collect.
The thief, paladin, dark knight, and summoner are just a few of the exciting classes with unique abilities that you’ll be able to unlock as you play.

Character design was done by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character designer Ryoma Ito. A Facebook account is required to play.

Visit the Knights of the Crystals Official Facebook Page to start playing.

Looking for cheats for Knights of the Crystals? We're working on it! :P


  1. adik na ko rito. nuff said. -.-

  2. Here's a cheat for you - fill the withdrawal box with 7s, press accept. Then do a quest to put your money as a positive amount. The amount that you have "withdrawn" will be put back into your chest - even if it exceeds the chest limit. Et viola, you're loaded!


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