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Pirates 'R Us - Otaku's Den

If you're actively attending Anime and Cosplay conventions, chances are you've seen a booth called Otaku's Den. It's a specialty store that sells figures, pins, cosplay accessories and other related stuff. Otaku's Den is owned by costripper Czarina Geronimo.

Why feature Otaku's Den on Pirates 'R Us you ask? When I joined GameOPS more than 10 years ago, one of the site's slogan was, "Iba ang Tunay, Do Not Buy Pirated CDs and Cartridges." Otaku's Den has been blatantly selling bootleg (pirated) figures and they're proudly announcing it on their website over at Multiply:

Otaku's Den product catalog caters to BOOTLEGS, original figures and pre-order figures. Please don't hesitate to forward us any questions and concerns regarding our products so we can assure you the best assistance we could offer.

Aside from selling bootleg figures, the pins and mugs they're selling also violate copyright and the intellectual property of the original owners of those artworks. You just can't print anything off the internet and sell it right?

FYI, violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines has the following criminal penalties:

  • Imprisonment of one (1) year to three (3) years plus a fine ranging from Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000) to One hundred fifty thousand pesos (P150,000) for the first offense
  • Imprisonment of three (3) years and one (1) day to six (6) years plus a fine ranging from One hundred fifty thousand pesos (P150,000) to Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) for the second offense.
  • Imprisonment of six (6) years and one (1) day to nine (9) years plus a fine ranging from Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) to One million five hundred thousand pesos (P1,500,000) for the third and subsequent offenses.

I also heard that the owner of Otaku's Den has some bad blood with those buying only legit figures.

(Credits to Joystiq for the GameOPS Pirates 'R Us logo)


  1. my PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...............

  2. yuck fake!!!! fake din siguro mukha niya?!

  3. Nagmamalinis pa kayo, bumibili naman kayo ng pirata. Hmph!

    At least ako, pinaglaladakan kong pro-piracy ako! =D

    Pero wait, papaano mo malalaman kung pirated and isang fig or original? =/

  4. May tumawag na sa atin dati na "hypocrites" tapos may nag-email pa kay Rocky noon na "mother pirate"

  5. Is she really where CSCENTRL got his STD from?

  6. Kamukha niya ito

  7. nakabili ako sa kanya ng anime hats noon. I didn't know na fake pala yung ibang binebenta niya.

  8. Dapat gawa si Siopao ng tutorial or something comparing a fake from an original. Para may idea naman tayo kung fake na pala yung nabibili natin, diba?

  9. some creepy stalkers cant take rejection

  10. mga tanga, kung maka-YUCK kayo akala niyo kahit kelan di kayo bumili ng pirata LOL LOL

  11. sige magreport kayo at i-report niyo na din LAHAT ng binibilhan niyo ng FAKE.

    I-report niyo na rin mga SARILI NIYO dahil bumibili kayo ng mga peke!!!

    bakit yong mga dinadownload niyo ORIGINAL bang matatawag yan!?
    yang mga suot niyo SIGURADO kayong original lahat yan!?
    ultimo mga salitang sinasabi at mga itsura niyo PINIRATA niyo lang sa iba!

    ang lalakas ng loob niyong magsalita ng di maganda.

    akala niyo ba lahat ng nasa convention original? AKALA NIYO LANG 'YON!
    kaya kayo nakakapagsalita ng ganiyan kasi di kayo nagiisip.
    napakasasama ng mga bunganga niyo.
    kayo nga mismo ginagawa niyo yong ikinagagalit niyo sa ibang tao!

    yung obsession niyo sa taong pinaguusapan niyo bantay bantayan niyo.
    malamang sa hindi, sa huli kayo pa pagtawanan sa mga pinaggagawa at sinasabi niyo.

  12.  wow, galing nyo rin- dami nyo ng inipost n komokontra sa sarili nyo


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