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CardMon Hero and Aika Global Philippine Press Conference


DISCLAIMER: GameOPS was invited to this press conference last February 26, 2011 at 6:00PM. We called a day before to confirm. No one from Redbana Philippines informed us of the change of time from 6PM to 2PM so when we arrived at the venue, no one was there. Oh wait there were people, hotel staff cleaning the room. (¬_¬)



  2. ditto! couldn't they have been more specific of the time? other PR companies even send text reminders. These people however, didn't bother.

  3. panalo sila! hahaha! ROFL

  4. Didnt you get an invitation? im pretty sure it was there

  5. hmm wala nga din kami naabutan.. worst press con ever

  6. Azrael and I got the 6PM invitation and probably the same with Sef and Cher here.

  7. Gosh! I got invited too. I just wasnt available on that day so i passed. But my invitation says it's 2pm and i heard nga marami raw hindi nakapunta on time but 7pm? I think it's too late. I guess before you rant nonstop you have to clarify first who gave you the wrong information. If it come directly from the official person of T3fun that's when you howl over them. Miscommunication happens. It happened to me once and that's when i realized my friend got the information wrong lang. So there. Anyway, i heard the event was pretty good. Check's entry. By the way, I love your site. I'm a fan!

  8. I was supposed to attend here too! Crap missed it :(

  9. Are you sure about this, sir? My friend, who's a player of Aika Global, got invited in this event too. As far as I can remember, he told me that the invitation stated it's 2pm onwards. Did you check the invitation they gave you?

  10. Why dont you write them a formal email instead of ranting out here? its useless what your doing. you have no breeding. Better to ask what happend first before you get all hyped up about it. later on baka ikaw pa ung mali because the bloggers who went there all knew it was 2pm darling.

  11. Hello EMOSHIT, Cheska Valderama, Lenna, & Berry Berry,

    I think you better start looking for a social media manager if you want to troll. I could recommend our company, igad Interactive Solutions, but that would be awkward, right? I suggest you get the services of our friends from Netbooster Asia, they're really good in preventing social media disasters that is very imminent to happen to your company anytime soon.

    (DISCLAIMER: This is not a threat. I am not ranting. This is just a friendly reminder.)

  12. stupid troll. buti kung isang tao lang nagkamali marami kaya bobo ka ba ate?

  13. for a company who wants to introduce themselves you sure arepicking the wrong people to handle you. one word "stupid"

  14. Hi Ms. Cheska Valderama,

    Yes, we are sure that our invitation said 6PM.

    "- CardMon Hero and Aika Global press con
    - Oakwood Hotel Ortigas
    - 6pm
    - Feb 26, 2011"

    And why would we lie about this, anyway? It's not like you're from a major company to scare us from telling the truth. To be blunt, this is the first time I've even heard of your company's name.

    Oh and lastly, please stop spamming our blog, just in case you don't know, we could track your IP addresses and it clearly states that you're from the Red-whatever company. So stop being a loser and get yourself an online marketing dude to flush our post out of google.

  15. panalo ka talaga emoshit. if what he's writting is useless bakit "kayo" nagkakadarapa sumagot. halatang wala kang alam sa blogging. ang masakit pa dun binaliktad mo pa sya eh ang dami nila, ano yun lahat sila mali? check your arguments troll if you don't want to start a flame war. tagal tagal ko na nagbabasa dito wala naman akong nababasang kasinungalingan pa, e ikaw pananalita mo palang parang humahaba na ilong mo boi!

  16. I'm sorry sir, but there seems to be a misunderstanding. I don't know how my IP turned out to be the same as the others that you mentioned nor am I affiliated with the red something you're mentioning. I'm a player of Aika (although I guess I wasn't selected to be part of the event. lol). A friend of mine, on the other hand, went to the press launch because he was chosen. I was really just asking you sincerely about the invite since my friend really said it was at 2pm (which he later on said that the event started late, which was around 3pm). Again, I really don't know how my IP was the same as the others. All I can ask of you is to trust me. I was just asking you something.

  17. "I don't know how my IP turned out to be the same as the others that you mentioned nor am I affiliated with the red something you're mentioning." < OBJECTION - Phoenix Wright <3

    Ms Cheska..pardon me but that is the STUPIDEST excuse I have heard in my whole life. Even Phoenix Wright says so hahaha.

  18. from a reader's point of view

    easily avoided if:

    1.) Someone was planning the whole thing.
    2.) Someone was actually checking the whole thing.
    3.) Someone actually had the guts to apologize since ... "it was their mistake" duh.
    4.) Someone's didn't stoop to the level of "stupid" and made idiotic comments thinking they can get away with it.
    5.) Someone stopped this by simply writing a formal apology to them GameOPS noobs. Nagsorry ba?
    6.) All that's left to say is goodluck with you I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole baynana people.

  19. ang bobo naman nito no wonder your company is going nowhere...

  20. I was invited for that Press conference. But I didn't accept the invitation because I have classes on that time


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