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Finding Dory: Is Thirteen years worth the wait?

In 2003, Pixar and Disney's Finding Nemo showed us the struggles of a dad to save his lost son with the help of a blue tang fish Dory who somehow had a short term memory. Thirteen years later, a spin-off of that forgetful fish was released. Was the magic from Finding Nemo still existed  after all these years? Did Finding Dory delivered the expectations of those kids, now young adults and did this movie created the next generation of Finding Nemo fans? Let's find out.

First off, Pixar used their fool proof formula that existed on their previous successful movies. From the sad backstory to the comic relief, The formula still worked though. Hey, why reinvent the wheel anyway? With that said, Finding Dory executed the story pretty well. We can relate to Dory's character through out the movie, from her sad beginnings and her determination to find her parents, Disney and Pixar knew how to pull our strings to react on the movie in a nice way. The supporting cast, especially Hank the octopus really added spice to the story. If I can give an award for that octopus, I'll give him the best supporting tentacles errr actor hahaha.

Visually, Finding Dory was amazing. The life in the ocean and the life in the aquarium was captured realistically and the attention to details were superb. from the little particles in the eater to the reflections on the surface, the animation team made their homework.

The musical score was commendable as sometimes you might not notice it, but during key moments it delivered well. Make sure to watch it on a digital surround sound cinema to fully enjoy the sound.

The only gripe I had was the excessive portrayal of the short term memory that Dory was suffering from, maybe because I watched The Film Theorists' video that made me think about it (see video below)

Overall, Finding Dory surpassed the expectation from its predecessor and spawned a new generation of fish loving fans. So once again, let's keep swimming, keep swimming.

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