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My ASUS Zenphone 2 Uber Late Review

I lost my trusty Samsung Note 2 a year ago and was strapped for cash so I asked my nerdy friends what phone can replace my old reliable. The answer as you might have guessed is the ASUS Zenphone 2. How did they convince me? It can play Marvel Future Fight and it was worth half the price of phones with less specs. I was sold!

Performance wise, this phone rocks. From a casual user and hardcore gamer the Asus Zenphone 2 can do almost all the things a Samsung phone can. I haven’t met a game that I can’t play yet. I play 3d games all the time and no slowdown whatsoever.

Price is very affordable. You won’t find a phone with this specs at that low a price.

Noticeably though is the camera. I went on my honeymoon with the ASUS Zenphone 2 as my tourist camera, bad call. Most of my shots were bad. After an update though the camera became so much better.

[post_ad]Another shortcoming is the sound. Samsung phones have better sound.

Battery was also an issue for me since I am not a fan of built in bats. I overcharge a lot and built in bats are accidents waiting to happen for me.

Lastly, I noticed that not all apps works for me. Some apps need to be ASUS compatible.

Aside from those few faults I have to honestly say this is one solid phone. I should know since I have dropped my Asus Zenphone 2 so many times already.

My verdict? Asus Zenphone 2 is one of the best value for money phone in the market. It can compete, its durable, and cheap as hell.

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