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The Daiwa Sushi Experience

In Japan one of the more popular tourist destination is the Tsukiji Fish Market. The trip involves waking up at an ungodly hour since you need to be there at around 4:00am... Also there is a need to check the Tsukiji Market Calender since they don't do it everyday. The reason for going is to see a fish auction. yessiree a betcha bye golly wow exciting fish auction =/ weeeeeell my wife wanted to go so I guess I had no choice.

I tried. Honestly I did, but no normal man wakes up earlier than 4:00a.m. we arrived arround 7-8:00 a.m. sleepy. Taking the train was the easiest way. Oedo if i'm not mistaken. From there you walk a little bit and you're there.
So we didn't catch any fish auction. There seems to be no fish at all. The weird thing is for a market it didn't smell bad. I hardly smelled fish.

To recover from our failed attempt we decided to eat the world famous sushi of Tsukiji but before that we bought some sweet Tamago from Muratake.

The most famous Sushi place had a long line and was no longer accepting. Really at 8:00a.m. they were already swamped...

So we went to the next best place Daiwa Sushi!

We still had to wait for a awful amount of time but I have to tell you the place was amazing.
The place was small, we had to wait for someone to stand up before we could take our place.

The thing with the place is they make sushi and you eat. Simple enough. I ate the whole ginger thing because of that simple procedure =/

I have tried sushi before but eating at Daiwa was different. The taste was a mixture of sweet and fresh. I know it sounds douchy to say that a food taste better eaten abroad but i'm not shitting you sushi in Daiwa is great, very much like ramen is better in Japan =)

We ate our set meal and asked for another set simply because it was too good.

The price was formidable but to eat at Daiwa is one of the best experience ever.

After eating, I realized that the early wake and the long lines were worth it. The sushi was great. Phenomenally great.

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