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Can You Play Pokemon Go While Fighting ISIS? This Guy does..with a Squirtle

Pokemon Mania is upon us. People all over the world are reporting very strange occurrences while playing this beloved new game from Niantic.

Recently a Pokemon Go player playing near a river found a dead body instead of a Magic Carp =( don't worry thought Magic Carps are commons. Some players got cuts and bruises from (you guessed it) not looking while playing.

As you might have known, Pokemon Go requires you to walk around, Go to places, Meet people along the way, and is a great excuse to eat out.

Louis Park / Facebook
Now the soldier Louis Park is one bad ass Pokemon Go player. He plays while .. fighting ISIS. Did he get a rare Pokemon doing it? No, of course not. He got the standard Squirtle xD

"Just caught my first pokemon on the Mosul front line by Teleskuf. Daesh, come challenge me to a pokemon battle. Mortars are for pussies," Park wrote on Facebook, Daesh, is a nickname given to ISIS.

This guy deserves at least a Machamp, can somebody give him a Machamp befitting how dangerous he plays.  

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