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Daoko: Not Just Some Rapper/Singer of Those WTF Videos

Search the web for "Daoko", and you'll be bombarded with bizarre but remarkable animated videos, where songs of rapper/singer named DAOKO were used. The most notorious being ME! ME! ME (by Teddyloid featuring Daoko) which pushes Youtube censorship barriers due to its NSFW graphics. The follow-up, GIRL, is shown below:


There's probably one reaction video a week for the said videos, and I have a gripe there: DAOKO doesn't get the recognition for her amazing music.

See, I discovered her by way of this music video:


That was the coldest spine-chill I've had from a song in a long time. The rapping disarms you initially, and then you reach the part where it seems you can't stop her from her rapid-fire word-assault. This was 2013. She was 16.

Six. Teen.

As part of the LowHighWho hiphop collective, she came out with dark, surreal collaborations as well:

There's also this live video performance uploaded before in its entirety, but we now just see a one-song cut of it:

Two years after, with three independent albums completed, DAOKO, at a ripe age of 18, debuted with her self-titled major label offering.

Old fans had hand-in-chin observations with this significant career move. She didn't have that underground, hiphop sound anymore. Alas, we are seeing much more of her now, too. We almost know what she looks like!

The proverbial nail-in-the-coffin came in the guise of her ShibuyaK single:

There's choreography. Its an actual dance-pop tune. She doesn't rap. One's only consolation is that all those years where she hid behind overlong fringe is now over, and she is gorgeous.

With half of 2016 done, we haven't heard much of DAOKO, except when latecomers exclaim how insane her animated music videos are. When an exciting artist gets pigeonholed like that, the disappointment is present, and it lingers.

I'm still hanging on to the promise of good music, delivered by this illest, whisper-voiced MC I never expected to adore, and throw huge garlands of music praise.


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