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Final Fantasy VII Mobile: Nostalgia Made Too Easy

Feast Android users because Final Fantasy VII, the game that brought Square to the top of the RPG game, is finally available at Google Play.

I was one of the early adopters and despite the hefty price tag I bought the game. I was expecting the same game but several changes have been included.

Noticeably you can now choose from a directional or analog keypad. This is heaven sent for android players since playing using a directional keypad on a cellphone is next to impossible.

There is an "encounter off" button, wherein you can simply toggle off random encounters.

Lastly, hidden away in the configurations menu, is the "max level" option. This "cheat" allows all of your characters to suddenly become level 99 behemoths. Only 2 kinds of people will explore this option. The first are kids having problems with the difficulty of the game and the other is the nostalgic gamer who has once already conquered the world of Final Fantasy VII.

So how was it?

The gameplay is still solid. The storyline is unbelievable. I still can't believe how one game can make you feel a great range of emotions.

The graphics is like playing with turd. I guess it's a given that old Playstation games don't age gracefully.

The sound, specially if you are an old FF VII player will move you to tears.

Despite the fact that the "encounter off" button and "max level" cheat was kind of a letdown for me. Most of the game remained intact. If you can stand the blocky graphics then I'm sure you're in for a great time. Highly recommended.

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