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Smart Delivers Good Customer Service

It's unfortunate that my friend Mark had an unpleasant experience with Smart Communications' customer service. My story is actually the opposite. This is a good customer service story.

My wife and I have different Telco providers. I'm a Sun Cellular user and my wife is with Smart. The day came when my wife had reached the date for her loyalty reward. This is a happy day for most people since they get to avail of a new phone and my wife was elated since she has been patiently waiting for a Samsung S7 Edge.

We went around 4 different Smart Stores (Gateway, Megamall, North Edsa, and Galleria) but it turns out that the Samsung S7 Edge was out of stock.

My wife was disappointed and even stated that she might change service providers but we decided to try out one more Smart store.

Prior to going to Smart Podium, I was already ranting at Twitter over how hard it was to get a Loyalty phone. I sent a direct message to @LiveSmart asking for assistance.

[post_ad]Smart Podium was not as big as the other Smart stores but what it lacked in size it more than made up for its excellent customer service.

We were assisted by a customer service representative named VJ. VJ it turns out is a professional. He answered all our queries, he was as patient as hell when we ranted, and more importantly he really wanted to help us.

VJ didn't sugarcoat. There was indeed a shortage of Samsung S7 Edge phones but he will do everything in his power to order one for us. He asked for my wife's details and even provided a contact number we can use to follow up.

The big difference between VJ and most Customer Service Representatives is that VJ delivered on his promise. On May 7, 2016, VJ called my wife and told her that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is already at the store. He explained that with the assistance of @LiveSmart he was able to fast track the delivery of the phone.

When we met that afternoon, my wife was one happy woman. We bought something for VJ for going out of his way to assure that we are happy.

After getting the phone I sent a tweet to @AbbieReal and @LiveSmart. I told them how wonderful VJ was and how thankful I am.

I wish all Customer Service Stories ended this way.

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