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The Achy Breaky Hearts Review [Guy Edition]

Soooooo I guess I'm one of the few guys who genuinely liked the movie. Just to share, one of the few things I love doing with my wife is watching romantic comedies and our favorites so far is "That Thing Called Tadhana" and "Just the 3 of Us" How does "Achy Breaky Hearts" fare among them? Let's find out.

In Antoinette Jadaone "The Achy Breaky Hearts", the lead character is named Chinggay (Jodi Sta. Maria). A middle class girl who fits the bill as a great representative for all Single Filipinas that have been pressured one way or another by that dreaded question "Kelan ka mag aasawa"

This leads to so many funny scenes and a trailer so relatable it makes you watch the movie =)

The plot continues when Chinggay meets 2 guys that will change her life. A used car businessman named Ryan (Ian Veneracion) and her ex boyfriend Frank (Richard Yap)

The movie then centers on the budding relationship of Chinggay and Ryan vs. the "what might have been" scenario of Chinggay and Frank.

I was team Ryan. Why? I like sappy guys.

So from zero love life to 2 irresistible men. I'm a guy please don't ask me what that means.

This leads to several violent encounters between Frank and Ryan. I have to say the hospital scene and the fight scene were the highlights of the movie for me.

[post_ad]The fat kiddo aka Frank's inaanak was also a scene stealer. Very much like that little girl from "Just the 3 of Us"

The movie was generally entertaining but it was hard to watch with so many women shouting all over the cinema specially during those "kilig" moments.

The controversial thing about the movie is the ending. This is a hit or miss scenario, while I personally liked that Chinggay took a stand and choose herself over settling. Most Filipinos, I believe will not be used to not seeing the standard "happy ending"


Yes dear reader, Chinggay had a choice between Ian and Richard and she choose Paris =)

As a guy did I like it? Yes, I did.

Can you bring your significant other to watch the movie? Yes, you may. It's not overly sappy and the fight scenes are a treat for us. Just treat us to good macho food afterwards.

Rate it. It's not quite "That Thing Called Tadhana" but it's definitely good. It's a funny, relatable movie with a good ending. While most people won't be pleased with the open ended ending. I personally liked it. What are you waiting for? Go watch it.

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