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Taylor Swift Vs Calvin Harris: What You Need To Know
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were once a couple. That seemed so long ago. During one romance filled evening, they decided to create a song together but decided to keep it a secret since based on their opinion a collaboration was sure to garner negative feedback.

That song eventually became the hit single "This is What You Came For" that was sang by Rihanna. Since she cannot use her name, Taylor, who kept the publishing rights, used the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg on the credits.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song you can hear the word "lightning" Taylor loves to use that word on her songs.

[post_ad]Taylor even sported a jacket with the song's logo on one occasion to support her then boyfriend.

Then it happened.

 Ryan Seacrest interviewed Calvin Harris. During the interview one of the questions was  "Will you do a collaboration with your girlfriend?" Calvin responded, "You know we haven't even spoken about it. I can't see it happening though."

Taylor was reportedly hurt. One thing led to another and Suddenly Tom Hiddleston appeared.

Just in case you have living under a rock Tom and Taylor are now an item.

During a recent Twitter rant Calvin stated that:

According to Calvin, Taylor's team has been spreading that Taylor was indeed the person who wrote the song.

Including Katy Perry into the mix has the same effect as gasoline. Twitter exploded and Katy took the opportunity to state that she was right all along.

Remember this classic?

All parties have been silent lately with the exception of Katy who is launching a new "single"

Let's guess who's it about?

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