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There Are Secret Pokemons in Pokemon GO!
A source from Niantic has confirmed what everybody else has taught was a rumor. There are secret Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

The Niantic employee who requested not to be named has stated that as of the moment there are 4 secret Pokemons in play.

tumbler/pokemon gif
"I was surprised that you guys found Pikachu so fast"

"There are still 3 Pokemons that I haven't seen in any Facebook post"

When asked how to find if the elusive Pokemons he provided clues.

tumbler/pokemon gif
"You're going to have to walk a lot more miles.. One goes out only at night"

tumbler/ pokemon gif
As additional information he has further stated that Legendary Pokemons will be added SOON!

[post_ad]"No not this update, we are still completing the basic functions like trading, but soon. Legendary Pokemons are a large part of what Pokemon is.

In closing he requested that we avoid "cheating" since it only delays them even further.
"You have to understand, we want to make everything work out great, and if we see people taking advantage of certain glitches then it's our duty to fix that glitch before we can continue with the updates.

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