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Philippine Lawmaker blames Pokemon GO for EDSA traffic

Albay Congressman Joey Salceda thinks that playing Pokemon GO in private cars carries a "bigger threat" to EDSA's traffic than provincial buses. This statement was released today questioning the "kneejerk" reaction of the Metro Manila Council towards the banning of provincial buses on EDSA.

Salceda said in his press statement, "Pokemon-playing in private cars pose more threat of aggravation to Metro Manila traffic than provincial buses. "Dahan-dahan, may Pikachu dito. Itabi mo sandali, may Lures dito" (Slow down, there's a Pikachu here. Pull over, there are Lures here). If you are rich enough to maintain a private car, you must be rich enough to buy yourself and your kids an Android , Ipad or Iphone. Multiply that by the 2.5m cars in Metro Manila."

According to his Facebook post, he is now at Level 21 in Pokemon GO and knows that he needs to move around or to stop and park more when hatching 2km and 10km eggs.

"Incubating the eggs is based on distance ranging from 2kms to 10kms and most of all the 3rd - which is the first thing you do - hunting for Pokemons which are all around not just in Pokestops and Pokegyms. You can run the numbers just how many additional travel it would require and how much time it adds to people pausing and travelling on the street- all using up space. Same space, more movement = TRAFFIC," said Salceda.
[post_ad]Apparently, he doesn't know people have lives besides playing Pokemon GO and that riding a vehicle won't hatch your eggs. You need to move below 20km/hr for your distance to count. OH WAIT. According to Wikipedia, a vehicle travelling at EDSA has an average speed of 15 km/hr way. This was way before Pokemon GO was released.

For all we know, he might just be riding on the popularity of Pokemon GO.

But why do we have a senator who believes in forgiveness but pushes for death penalty? Why do we have lawmakers who thought that planking was a crime and selling sex toys corrupted the youth? Why do we even need to give our lottery winnings to the government? Why are we wasting our taxes on these stupid and idiotic bills? Why do these people are being re-elected? WHYYYYYY?

I really don't know why we have lawmakers like these.

I really don't know.

Jose Rizal save us. Please.


Office of Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda
PDP-Laban, 2D Albay
Aug 16, 2016


There they go again. Salceda asks Metro Manila mayors: Why pick on our pobreng provincianos to solve Metro Manila traffic? Pokemon-playing is a greater aggravatation of Metro Manila traffic.

1. There are now only 3,300 provincial buses About 1,500 are from Bicol, mostly based in Albay. Provincial buses have fallen from their high of 30,000 in the 1980’s.

2. Compare that 3,300 provincial buses to the 2.5m vehicles in Metro Manila. In 2013, 2.1m vehicles of Metro Manila accounted for 27% of the total 7.69m nationwide.

3. Compare that number of 3,300 provincial buses versus 288,609 cars/trucks sold in 2015; that’s up 23%.

4. While each bus can carry 50, each car carries 5. So, theoretically, you are exchanging 3,300 buses for 33,000 more cars in EDSA. Asan Ang hustisya.

5. Technically, instead of 1 provincial bus bringing in the 50 passengers, they would now need 4 jeepneys.

6. It cannot be the 3,300 or the behavior of provincial buses in Metro Manila specifically in EDSA. Provincial buses get and drop passengers only in their own terminal, so it must be their exit and entry into these terminals.

7. Where is the empirical evidence – time-and-motion study of current situation and simulation projections – to underpin as fundamental basis to this policy, which is always the kneejerk first move whenever the issue of Metro Manila traffic?

8. Pokemon-playing in private cars pose more threat of aggravation to Metro Manila traffic than provincial buses. “Dahan-dahan, may Pikachu dito. Itabi mo sandali, may Lures dito”. If you are rich enough to maintain a private car, you must be rich enough to buy yourself and your kids an Android , Ipad or Iphone. Multiply that by the 2.5m cars in Metro Manila.

9. It is anti-poor since provincial bus passengers are those who can only pay 450 (ordinary) or 750 (aircon) and can not afford the more expensive plane fares.

10. The MMC / MMDA measure is injurious to poor rural people in terms of (1) additional inconvenience (2) additional "minimum" fare (3) additional time to destination and (4) double loading.

11. Many provincial passengers usually carry several and heavy luggages. When Metro Manila buses pick them up in Muntinlupa, “baka sa estribo lang pauupuin”

12. What happens to our domestic tourists? Or even foreign tourists on budget? Pabababain at palilipatin sa another bus agang-aga?

13. Given such potential disruption of social welfare, there should have been consultations or at least efforts to reach out. Have a little empathy. If not, have a little law and remember: Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws. So unfair as it concentrates and shifts the burden of easing NCR traffic to countryside citizens who compose 74% of the poor and are merely coerced to seek economic opportunity in NCR where it is concentrated. This is beyond ignominy. This is reckless injustice under the guise of policy insanity.

14. In Sept 1, 2014, I filed a Motion for Prohibition cum Mandamus against MMDA and LTFRB (G.R. 213786). It is still pending in the Supreme Court. I am filing a supplemental motion in cognizance of the new developments, largely injurious to the people I represent and seek the issuance of aTRO on the Metro Manila Commission approval of provincial bus ban in EDSA.

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