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1:43 Manager Chris Cahilig Denies Yuki Sakamoto's Statement

Yuki Sakamoto, a former member of the boyband 1:43, recently joined Pinoy Boyband Super Star. In his audition interview, with one of the judges, Vice Ganda, he was asked what happened to his old boyband 1:43:
Na disband na po, kasi yung manager namin nag movie na po siya, so wala na po siya sa music industry.
(The band has already disbanded because our manager, Chris Cahilig, has switched to movies and left the music industry.)

But apparently, it isn't so.

According to Sakamoto's former manager, Chris Cahilig, on his post via his Facebook account, the boyband has not disbanded and that they will relaunch the boyband with new members soon.

A few days after, an article by a columnist named Reggee Bonoan, was published through Balita claiming that Cahilig, as far as they know, has not left the music industry, and that they were very surprised at what Sakamoto said in the interview.
Nagulat kami sa sinabing ito ni Yuki dahil ang pagkakaalam namin ay hindi pa nawawala si Chris sa music industry.
Bonoan also claimed that according to his source, who is a close friend of Cahilig, the boyband did not really disband as what Sakamoto had claimed previously. Rather, Cahilig was just feeling bad that the members did not help him in promoting his first recently produced movie called Echorsis, an indie movie which also cast the members of the boyband.

Cahilig got mad at the boyband members and decided to confront them about it afterwards, to which the boyband members, except for Yuki alone, asked for his apology later on and that they are now back on speaking terms.

He also added that Cahilig wants to introduce a new boyband because the members of 1:43 are becoming older and they are starting to get really busy with their own day jobs and businesses.

You can find the full article here.

A bit more later, Chris Cahilig confirmed this on his Facebook account:

Since some of the staff here at GameOPS are followers of 1:43 since their very first single, Merry Christmas Na, we grew fairly close to their manager Chris Cahilig. We reached out to him and asked if these are all true. He confirmed that the 1:43 group of Yuki, Anjo, Gold, and Yheen are no more and that there are indeed plans of relaunching the boyband with a new set of young members soon.

He also confirmed to us that he indeed started doing movies to introduce the boys to acting to widen their scope of talents, as part of their career growth. This is so that they would be known not only as singers but also actors later on. And that Echorsis would be like a stepping stone for their acting career.

He also added that he love the boys so much, and he did all the best he could do for them for their career with a lot of sacrifices, and that he wishes the best for everyone on their chosen career later on.

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