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J-Series Review: Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri

Also known as Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa, the series is about, well, Himura and Arisugawa who help investigate and solve crimes with the police. It is based on the novel Himura Hideo Series by Arisugawa Arisu.

This is another series from NTV (another I also reviewed is Kaito Yamaneko):

Criminologist Himura Hideo gets so much pleasure out of being in crime scenes that he's even confessed to having wanted to kill someone. Constantly seeking out the ultimate crime, he is indeed a man with quite a few issues. Mystery writer Arisugawa Arisu, on the other hand, keeps a close eye on Himura's investigations and writes about them but at times completely misses the point. Not at all the type of guy you'd call dependable, Arisugawa nonetheless professes to be the protector of the clumsy Himura. Although these two men appear like they have no business being in crime scenes, they mitigate each other's shortcomings and use their compelling logic to unravel the elaborately woven tricks left behind by the criminals. It's almost as if Himura and Arisugawa use incredible magical powers to tease out unimaginable truths!

Himura Hideo ran in the first quarter of this year--January 17 to March 20--with a total of 10 episodes.

Himura is a professor on criminology who helps investigator Hisashi Nabeshima (out of his request) in solving crimes, since he can crack cases faster than the detectives could. Arisugawa Arisu (or Alice) is a close friend of Himura who writes mystery novels. He doesn't go with Himura to get ideas for his books, but would go into details the crime scene in behalf of Himura. Also, since Himura could be insensitive as well as creepy because he doesn't deny the urge to kill someone, Arisu would often have prevent further arguments and misunderstandings.

The antagonist in the series is Sanae Moroboshi, a cult leader and behind some of the murders. When Moroboshi hears of Himura, this is when the plot thickens. She becomes obsessed with him and tries to get him to join her group. So, there's more to just Himura solving crimes in every episode.

Takumi Saito stars as Himura Hideo. Although I have already seen him in live movies Space Battleship Yamamoto and Ace Attorney, I haven't really noticed him until this series. (I've gone fangirl mode when I saw one of his latest movies "The Kodai Family.") I think he did a good job as an eccentric professor with an oversized coat and long-sleeved top and baggy slacks. His loose outfit though was annoying and probably for him too. (LOL!)

Each time Moroboshi shows her obsession with Himura, it was very irritating. I think the character could have portrayed the obsession differently. I hated seeing her face, but I was still drawn to the actress. I was very surprised when I found out she is Kyoko Hasegawa who starred in the live action Ranma 1/2 and an old Japanese TV series favorite Boku dake no Madonna. That is such an unforgettable series for me because, for one:

Such a pretty!

This is Kyoko Hasegawa now:

She aged, but still beautiful. (Scary, as well, in this screenshot.)

If you're looking for a Japanese crime series without any romance (if you can ignore the hints between Himura and Arisu-j/k!), then this is a nice watch. Not highly recommended, but still worth the time in spite some dragging parts.

I heard the series comes with three extras or 'another story' episodes, which I have yet to find.

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