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Retro Gaming Nights: Rescue: The Embassy Mission

Rescue: The Embassy Mission is a game that I hold dear to my heart. As a child, I spent countless hours playing this game, and it brings back fond memories every time I play it. The game is a stealth-action game that was also released as Hostages on a number of home computers.

In the game, you control a team of commandos with the objective of rescuing the embassy ambassador and his staff who have been kidnapped. The game features three difficulty settings and five missions, each consisting of four mini-games. You must complete all the mini-games within a time limit, or you'll fail the mission.

The game's action is intense and works well, although the controls aren't always responsive when trying to hide. The first-person sniper mode is reminiscent of stages in Golgo 13 (1988, NES), but it's not very challenging and doesn't last long. The final part of the game is a first-person shooter where you need to kill a certain number of enemies on each floor. The controls are excellent, and the threat of a decreasing time limit adds to the tension.

The game's variety is fantastic, and each activity is generally fun to play. However, all five missions are basically the same apart from faster searchlights/enemies, and there are no other gameplay mechanics or environments that come into effect. As a result, the game can be beaten extremely quickly, and replayability is low.

Overall, Rescue: The Embassy Mission is a unique and enjoyable game with some nice variety. It's definitely worth playing if you're looking for something different on the NES.

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