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The Last of Us Co-Director's Controversial Opinion: Are Linear Games the Easier Choice for Developers?

Bruce Straley, co-director of The Last of Us, recently tweeted that linear games are easier to make. This opinion is likely informed by his experience working on various Naughty Dog games, which are predominantly linear. While Straley's tweet doesn't explain why he believes linear games are easier to make, it seems likely that he's speaking from personal experience.

Linear games, such as The Last of Us and Uncharted, offer a more straightforward gameplay experience compared to nonlinear games, such as open-world titles. The linear nature of these games means that game developers have more control over the player's experience, as they can direct the player towards specific objectives and events. This level of control makes it easier for developers to ensure that the game works as intended, without bugs or glitches that can occur in nonlinear games.

While Straley's tweet was met with agreement from some fellow developers, such as Alex Hutchinson and David Goldfarb, others have argued that linear games are less interesting. However, it's worth noting that linear games can still be highly engaging and offer a compelling story, as evidenced by the success of games like The Last of Us.

Overall, it's clear that linear games have their pros and cons for game developers. While they may be easier to make, they may also be seen as less innovative or creative by some players. Nevertheless, it's interesting to hear the perspective of a seasoned game developer like Straley on this topic.

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