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Today Flooded will swamp Nintendo Switch!


Are you ready for a gaming experience that's a tidal wave of excitement? Brace yourself as Flooded, the game that submerged tons of PCs in April, is now making waves on Nintendo Switch! Developed by Artificial Disasters studio in collaboration with Forever Entertainment and Storm Trident, Flooded flips the script on traditional city-building games, challenging players to navigate a sinking world in a race against time.

Flooded: A Unique Gaming Challenge on Nintendo Switch

Flooded on Nintendo Switch offers a fresh take on the city-builder genre. Unlike typical games where you peacefully build and watch your city grow, Flooded throws you into a fast-paced world where every second counts. Your mission? Protect your people from an unstoppable flood that's swallowing the world you once knew.


Navigate Challenges and Make Quick Decisions

The game tests your decision-making skills as you start on a resource-rich island. From iron to copper, lead to water and electricity, gather resources strategically to build a makeshift city. Your ultimate goal is to construct an ark to save survivors and face new challenges on undiscovered islands.

Time is of the Essence

With each era, the island shrinks, leaving you with less time to think. Plan your moves wisely; build mines, power plants, and drilling platforms to control your internal economy. Unlock advanced structures by completing mission goals, but watch out for pirates eager to strike at any moment.

Explore Modes and Uncover the Cataclysmic Story

Engage in a single-player campaign to unravel the mysterious cataclysm behind the flooding. Flooded offers various modes, including Quick Game, allowing you to customize conditions, and Endless Mode, where you strive to survive on a recovering island. No two playthroughs are the same thanks to procedurally-generated lands.


Key Features of Flooded on Nintendo Switch:

  • Adapted Controls: Enjoy the apocalypse on Nintendo Switch, whether you're hiding from the wave at home or on the go.
  • City-Building Redefined: Experience a reversed city-builder as the island decreases with every tide.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Choose from Campaign, Quick Play, or Endless mode for exciting and customizable challenges.
  • Solo Play: Explore passive skills, starting bonuses, and relics to create unique combinations and strategies.
  • Discover New Horizons: Travel across the ocean to uncover six distinct biomes with varying weather conditions and gameplay mechanics.

Get Flooded on Nintendo Switch Now!

Flooded is available on Nintendo Switch in the EU and NA regions. Until November 30th, grab the game with a 15% launch discount. If you own select Forever Entertainment games, enjoy a special 50% Owner Discount. Curious to test the waters? Find a demo in the Nintendo eShop. Flooded is also available on PC through Steam and GOG.

Don't miss the chance to dive into the Flooded gaming experience and challenge yourself in a world sinking before your eyes!



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